BioCure 500 Packets

Less Muss, Less Fuss - BioCure 500 Makes Remediation Easy

With nothing more than tap water, users can generate the BioCure 500 solution in the desired amount and concentration. It requires no additional pH management and once mixed, it remains stable for up to 14 days allowing users to plan and prepare the solution ahead of time.

After treatment, BioCure 500 doesn't require the extra step of wipe down and removal; it simply dissipates into water and a harmless gas.

BioCure 500 Packets

Also, BioCure 500 can be applied to any surface or fabric that will not water spot. BioCure 500 can virtually be applied to anywhere on anything!

BioCure 500 exists as a gas under standard temperature and pressure (STP) conditions. This means, it can be used to fumigate properties of any size in a single application with no additional effort. Unlike most other biocides, it does not require a specific temperature in order to maintain its gaseous form.

As a gas, BioCure 500 permeates through all porous materials including fabrics, paper, electronics, etc. and successfully kills the underlying microorganisms. Properties and their contents can be cleaned simultaneously simply by releasing it into the HVAC system.

Other biocides require the time consuming process of removing all porous materials and cleaning those items separately.