BioCure 500 Packet

Save Time and Money with BioCure 500

Complete more projects while requiring less equipment and manpower.

BioCure 500 reduces the cost for equipment and supplies by minimizing or eliminating the need for sanding, wire brushing, air scrubbing, pH and temperature management, and post treatment cleanup.

BioCure 500 allows for quicker project turn around. The entire process using BioCure 500 takes a mere 72 hours including clearances as compared to 7-10 days using conventional remediation methods and products.

No need to return for retreatment, BioCure 500 works the first time every time! It has a higher efficacy rate than any other biocide on the market today which will significantly improve first time clearance success rate.

BiCure 500 provides users with the ability to easily treat the entire property including air, surfaces AND contents, all in one shot! Gone are the days of painstakingly removing all porous materials and cleaning those items separately.

Get More Customer and Make More Money with BioCure 500

BioCure 500 is more versatile than any other biocide on the market which significantly adds to the potential list of services. It treats mold, bacteria and virus microbes; decontaminates sewage spills, soil, and water; reduces or eliminates bugs and insects; kills allergens; sanitizes, deodorizes and disinfects, etc. BioCure 500 also comes in two forms, gas and foam, so it can be used to effectively treat any contamination situation. There are no limits to what this product can do!

In addition to being a biocide, BioCure 500 is a deodorizer, which means it will remove hard to eliminate odors such as: smoke, tobacco, pets, cooking, etc. and will not leave behind the usual noxious post treatment chemical smell. Customers will return to a fresh sanitized clean smelling home and a job well done.

More and more people are becoming conscious of the threat chemicals pose to their environment and health. BioCure 500 is non-carcinogenic and leaves behind no harmful VOCs, making it a desirable product in today’s market. The same cannot be said for most other biocides.

Using BioCure 500 means a shorter project completion time which translates to less disruption to client’s lives – that’s a major selling point in anyone’s book.

No matter how you look at it, BioCure 500 is the ideal biocide. To learn more about what BioCure 500 can do for your company, contact us today!