BioCure 500 Packet

BioCure 500 Makes Mold Remediation Cheaper, Faster, Better

Imagine significantly reducing costs and increasing profits simply by replacing your current biocide with one that is cleaner, easier to use, and more effective.

Introducing BioCure 500 - A revolutionary biocide/virucide/fungicide which completely changes the game when it comes to mold remediation.

BioCure 500 is EPA approved, and, unlike most biocides, it is non-carcinogenic and leaves behind no harmful VOCs.

BioCure 500 provides the ability to take on more projects while requiring less equipment, time, and manpower. It improves project cost and turn-around by reducing or eliminating the need for content removal, sanding, wire brushing, and air scrubbing.

BioCure 500 has a proven superior success rate over other biocides which means better results, happier customers, and projects that pass the first time, every time.

BioCure 500 Reduces Labor Costs